Special Features DashGoo

Everything you need to create unified reports for AdWords, Analytics and more.

Build powerful reports and dashboards in much less time.

Creating reports can be simple and enjoyable. Your time is valuable and it shouldn’t take so much effort as it usually happens.

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  • Build integrated reports easily.

    DashGoo helps you to create powerful reports for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook and Instagram much faster and in an extremely easy way. Using the simple editor WYISWYG you can edit and customize your reports, integrate all the data and create templates that you can use later.
    Dividing your data by network, time, ads, dimensions and metrics is really easy when you use DashGoo.
  • DashGoo is your new partner
    and friend on report analysis

    It is full of resources for smarter, faster and better looking reports. Check it out!

  • PPC & AdWords Reporting Tool

Ready Templates for ultrafast Reports

Build your first report with less than 5 clicks. DashGoo includes ready templates for a general SEO, monthly comparison, deadlines and conversions, referral traffic, performance, paid search, Google AdWords, SEM and much more.


All customizable. Always!

Build the perfect report for your audience. Graphs, texts and maps to present information the way you want. Customizable titles, layout and annotations and much more.


Delivery options that answer to your needs

Deliver the right data, for the right audience, on the right format and time.

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Other amazing resources

  •  Customer Portal

    DashGoo will give you a personal address (dashboard.agency/yourname) where your clients can access and see their dashboards online. All data they need will be just a click away, through a completely transparent and customized access with its own url, logo and colors. This is awesome!

  •  AdWords X-ray

    You built a campaign for your customer with multiple ad groups, keywords, multiple ads, set the target, but when it comes the time to show it to him/her you get to do a lot of extra work. With AdWords X-ray (1) you select what campaigns you want to show and download the PDF of the entire structure of your campaign, organized by ad groups, ads, and keywords. Wow

    (1) Similar resource to “export HTML” in the software versions of AdWords Editor.

  • “Health Test”

    Check how is the “health” of your clients’ websites and campaigns in a single window. With this tool you visualize all the positive or negative variations in numbers, compared with former data and check quickly where the campaigns are working and where they need improvements. Customize the alerts with the % variation you prefer using the colors green, yellow and red. Available soon!

  • Unified Reports

    Deliver Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Bing unified reports to your clients with a simple and beautiful interface. Never again lose hours uniting several reports sources manually.

  • No Setup

    Nothing to install and no code to add to your websites. Register and see your data in less than a minute. Nothing to set up. DashGoo finds your accounts automatically, just select those you want and that’s it.

  •  SEO Panel

    Using our reports moved by Google Analytics, you’ll have an automated base from which your SEO reports may be automatically created. The best part is that it’ll only take a few minutes (not hours).

  • DashGoo PPC & SEO Reporting Tool

  • Google Adwords Reporting Tool

  • Google Analytics Reporting Tool

  • Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

  • logo-Facebook Pages Reporting Tool

  • Instagram Reports