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  •  Easy setup

    Setting up you DashGoo account is very simple and fast. You can connect your AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook and Bing accounts in a single click and you are done! These accounts data are loaded in real time in your reports.

  • Beautiful Dashboards

    By using DashGoo you can create powerful dashboards quickly. You can highlight KPIs of interest and help your clients focus on the most important data and results. Your clients can get all of their data from a single place.

  • Saving time

    DashGoo is the fastest and painless way of preparing reports. You just have to attach your Google, Facebook and Bing accounts and then we prepare integrated reports right away. You only need to select what kind of report you want and leave the rest to us.

  • Google Analytics reports, Google Adwords reports and Facebook ads, Facebook Insights reportsFind out everything I can do for you.

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  •  Automate

    With DashGoo you can automate your weekly or monthly AdWords reports by scheduling them to be generated and emailed directly to your customers. Your customers will receive personalized reports that fit their needs.

  •  Customize

    DashGoo helps you to create custom AdWords reports for your customers. It does not matter if the customer is a micro-enterprise, ecommerce or large company, you can create customized reports to suit the particular needs of each one.

  •  Spreadsheets never again

    With DashGoo you do not have to waste time with Excel spreadsheets or AdWords CSV files. All you have to do is to select the report type you want and everything is filled out for you automatically. We provide several templates already set up so you can easily create your reports.

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  • Customized Customer Portal

    Wow! DashGoo will provide you a custom web address (dashboard.agency/yourname) where your clients will have access to see their reports and dashboards online.

    All the data they need will be just a click away, through a 100% transparent and customized access with their own url and their agency’s logo and colors. That’s awesome!

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  • Five minutes you can save hours!

    • Say goodbye to the sea of unorganized data charts..
    • Customizable panels allow you to focus on your key metrics.
    • Identify the ads performance on Facebook, AdWords and Instagram to evaluate your customers campaigns.
    • Detailed metrics are always available.
    • You don’t have to spend hours collecting data from several sources.

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Features that agencies love.

    • Exclusive and transparent web address for your agency with access for your clients to their Dashboard (dashboard.agency/yourname).
    • Your logo and/or client’s logo on the reports and dashboards.
    • Report’s templates already set up and ready to use for you to start quickly.
    • Dozens of widgets to build graphics and charts that you need.
    • Scheduling option for you to send reports to the right people on time and automatically.
    • Customizable report covers in PDF (cover page)
    • Text widget for you to add your comments and analysis.
    • Reports ready in a few minutes. Your day lasts much longer.
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